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Earth Day 2021

Chapter One Turns 20 Today

Two decades ago today on Earth Day, a sunny Sunday, I lived the experience that became Chapter One of Philadelphia on the Fly.

Time . . . FLYS.

Happy Earth Day 2021

Thanks, Frank: The Publisher’s Kind Words.

— rPs 04 22 2021

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Earth Day 49

Earth Day 49 . . .


The author of Philadelphia on the Fly celebrates Earth Day “by the book” . . .
(Planet Earth 04 22 2019)

Earth Day has reached the cusp of a human’s middle age. The planet remains older, larger, and more important than all of us people put together. Let us try, at least try, to be stewards and gardeners and protectors rather than mere users of our one and only green, white, and blue home.


— rPs 04 22 2019

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Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013 . . .

Prospect Park largemouth bass (photo taken 04 22 2013)

Prospect Park largemouth bass (photo taken 04 22 2013)

Today I took the Q train to Prospect Park in Brooklyn where I spent Earth Day fly fishing, bird watching, photographing wildflowers, and . . bagging and disposing of litter.

The phrase “use the resource” seems selfish when applied to parks and other outdoor spaces. I do not consume the outdoors, I interact with and help out when I can; today by bagging the loose plastic trash that has spread like a virus over the land during the last three decades.

The day encompassed an entire story I wish to take more time to detail later in the week. Let me just state here the bass fishing was excellent using variations on the Wooly Kebari fly pattern!

Happy Earth Day . . .

– rPs 04 22 2013

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