Photogenic Fall

American Shad: my most noteworthy fish this November
(11 2020)

The fall season may not be the most productive time for angling; it depends on the fish species you pursue, but it sure is a pretty time to take tenkara to the water.

Perhaps it’s the clarity of the air, the thinning of the colored leaves, the change of the light, which fades so much more swiftly at end of day by the time Thanksgiving arrives.

I have explored back bay salt and city pond banks this November, and both locales have offered slower fishing, yet given me great views:

The Pond

Urban Autumn
(NYC 11 2020)

The Back Bay

Silhouette on Sand
(11 2020)

Freshwater or salt, the late fall is a time to exalt Ebisu, the Japanese god of fishing, before the inevitable ice-over of the coming winter.

Go fishing . . .

— rPs 11 30 2020

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