On Parade

On Parade . . .

Green Guarantees (c. 2015)

Green Guarantees
(c. 2015)

Green Guarantee

Color conveys the general feel of this fly pattern. Warm in a rustic and pastoral way. Of course, fishes. The small shiner or chub minnow here meets adequate imitation. Unweighted, this one serves well under the controlled twitch of a tenkara rod along seams of current following fast water. Weighted, this pattern oriented forward can dart along submerged walls of stone or weed. Most of the freshwater fishes find such presentations interesting.

— rPs 03 17 2015

Postscript: You can read more about the Green Guarantee in my second book, Small Fry: The Lure of the Little. Links to online purchasing options are available on the tool bar to the right of the screen. Or visit the website of The Whitefish Press: http://www.whitefishpress.com/bookdetail.asp?book=87

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