Angling Art and Manhattan Kebari

Angling Art and Manhattan Kebari . . .

I Found Fishing Writer's Block:  mixed media (copyright 2015 by ron P swegman. all rights reserved.)

I Found Fishing Writer’s Block: mixed media
(copyright 2015 by ron P swegman. all rights reserved.)

My fishing jacket’s front zippered pockets are reserved for light litter storage and occasional gifts. The latter may include tackle, lures, and sometimes flies found over the course of an outing on the water. One pond trip in 2014 brought to my gift pocket a green pencil snapped in two and a small red and white bobber. Arranged this week with a small amount of imagination created a new sculpture – “I Found Fishing Writer’s Block” – visual metaphor rendered in the medium of found fishing objects, photographed.

More conventional material creation has included my attempts at kebari. The patterns I call “kebari” for I fish these patterns in subtle variation with my Ebisu and Yamame telescoping rods in the streams and stillwaters I explore on this east coast of North America.

Some pumpkin yarn came into hand from my friend, Brian. Time seeing this material go unused was spent in contemplation, which incubated tying ideas influenced first by the color found to varying degree in Dave Whitlock’s Squirrel Nymph, Safet Nikosevic’s October Caddis, and Brian’s own Cinder Worm pattern. My results this February have so far included:

Swegman’s October Caddis; a nymph

Swegman's October Caddis Nymph (tied 02 06 2015)

Swegman’s October Caddis Nymph
(tied 02 06 2015)

Size 12-16 Wet Fly Hook
Deer hair for tail
Pumpkin dubbing for body
Peacock Herl for thorax
6/0 Green Thread for wrap

This pattern in various colors has lured stream trout and fallfish as well as bluegills in ponds.

Swegman’s Sunfish; a weighted hair wing streamer

Swegman's Sunfish (tied 02 06 2015)

Swegman’s Sunfish
(tied 02 06 2015)

Size 6 Streamer Hook
.030 Wire for weight
Deer Hair for tail and wing
Pumpkin dubbing for body
Peacock herl for thorax
6/0 Green thread for wrap

This pattern is effective on black crappie and largemouth bass when the fry of bluegill and yellow perch are available as forage.

I for my record state no idea here presented is new. The colors and silhouettes, however, have been shaped by experience and conditions unique to this tenkara reporter on multiple seasons spent using both conventional and tenkara fly fishing tackle.

– rPs 02 06 2015

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