April Light

April Light . . .

A Portrait-in-progress of an Amano Kebari (photo taken 04 28 2014)

A Portrait-in-progree of an Amano Kebari
(photo taken 04 28 2014)

May in Manhattan may start as predicted; beginning with cool rain.

The eye finds light labor and mind thinks how to work out images in contrast in two dimensions. This time the one color wrought shades gray: the gray that some years gives May as much abundant green as there is on this day of April light.

Clear, bright, today refracted sun sets the pencil in motion with an Amano Kebari portrait in repose on paper.

Just sketchin’ . . .

– rPs 04 28 2014

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  1. Neversink said

    Hi Ron

    Nice to see you at the store in NYC other day.
    This trip was great journey for me to interact further with tenkara fly fishing and Manhattan opened my eyes to more contemporary application of tenkara to fishes in still water.


    Hope to exchange more information!

    Tight Lines,


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