Swegman on the Snakehead

Swegman on the Snakehead . . .

Today I was quoted in Marc Santora’s article regarding the alleged appearance of the snakehead fish in Central Park’s lakes. While not directly related to tenkara, the story does affect one of my Manhattan fishing destinations. Plus the inclusion of my “expert opinion” in The New York Times is an appearance worth mentioning. Here is the link to the article, which can be found in the City Room section:

“In Central Park, the Snakehead Fish Intrudes”


— rPs 04 30 2013


  1. Interesting, my money is on you Ron to catch a snakehead out of that pond!

  2. Richard daniels said

    I’m from western Oregon & fish mainly coastal rivers for steelhead, but my grandson (6) lives near Harlem Meer, & I’m teaching him how to fish (when I visit) with light spinning gear. Yesterday, after school, he caught two bluegill on worms. So I liked the column & your blog. Wish you would write more about fishing the city ponds, so we’d know more — but what you’ve written is good. It’s really hard to find basic gear in Manhattan. Lots of little kids who have no gear or guidance would love to fish the Meer but can’t — the parks program, although laudable, hardly scratches the surface of this recreational need.

  3. Richard daniels said

    Sorry for the typos in my comment!

  4. Thanks, Richard. I agree with you about the parks program. Good people like you fill in well, though. Keep up the good work . . .

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