Little Pond, Large Bass

Little Pond, Large Bass . . .

An inviting autumn scene in the Croton Watershed. (photo taken 10 24 2012)

Small ponds hold deep potential for tenkara anglers on the hunt for large bass, especially in autumn when resident sunfish head for deeper water. With the sunnies bedding down for the colder months, and out of the feeding area, a gray fall day can offer the most focused largemouth bass fishing of the year. A long, limber, tenkara rod can be used to work the shoreline, along the weedline dropoff, where mature bass tend to cruise the dark water in search of a few last bites.

A green Matuka, fished slowly so its feather and fur could undulate in the microcurrents, proved this to be true during an October outing around a little country pond somewhere within the Croton Watershed in Westchester County . . .

Maryann Amici holds one of several largemouth bass we caught from a tiny pond in Westchester County north of New York City. (photo taken 10 24 2012)

Perhaps a foot of water lay above the submerged weeds of this pond. There are many openings in and amongst this type of plant growth where largemouth bass will hide, waiting to ambush a baitfish, crayfish, or nymph. Throughout this season the fixed length of the tenkara level line has allowed me to cast more accurately into this environment because I am working with, rather than against, the physical limitations of the tenkara tackle. I feel like I am shooting a narrow arrow rather than casting a wide net. The happy result is greater consistency in placing the fly over the target – and the fish – a situation that increases the number of direct encounters and, on a good day like this day, solid hookups with large bass.

– rPs 10 31 2012

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